SABCAP is a constituted body/statutory board, whose members act in a coordinated way, serving the non-clinical companion animal industry needs. SABCAP is directed to the group of professionals who operate in sectors which offer and render services regarding companion animals, in five categories, namely Companion Animal Behaviourists, Companion Animal Welfarists, Animal-assisted Activity Practitioners, Companion Animal Groomers and Companion Animal trainers. Our members fulfil a specified minimum membership criteria and are obligated to abide by a code of ethics. We strive to protect the interests of pet owners and their pets as well as our members.
SABCAP was constituted in 2006 and endeavours to regulate the companion animal industry by creating a public awareness of its existence, ensuring the quality of the companion animal professionals in its membership, so as to avoid unsuspecting members of the public mandating unqualified and incompetent persons to assist with their pets.

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